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Readings - Cards, Channelling, Spiritual Counselling

What is a 'reading'? It means many different things to different people, so I will explain what I personally am offering.

From my point of view, a 'reading' is where someone comes to a practitioner who, with the essential help of Spirit, is able to witness them and offer constructive comments or advice. This may be done in very many different ways according to the skills of the practitioner.

I am currently offering one or more of 3 different approaches:

1) cards

2) verbal channelling from Spirit

3) spiritual counselling, including guidance from Spirit in various ways

I will describe each of these in more detail. Bear in mind that for another practitioner the same name might mean another way of working!

As well as in person, all these methods can be carried out from distance.

1) A Card Reading

In this type of reading we will use one or more different sets of cards to explore an issue or issues that you bring. I am not claiming to be a Tarot reader though Tarot cards are among those which I use. Each card selected gives a symbolic and visual 'gateway' to assist us in understanding aspects of the issue presented, and in receiving guidance from Spirit. These readings also include some discussion, and may be quite co-creative in that your own insights into the cards are welcome as part of the reading if you like this idea.

I don't aim to 'tell the future', but to bring greater clarity to current life issues to help you feel supported in moving forward.

The general tone of these readings can be informal and one of fun and exploration.

This type of reading can take between 30 minutes to an hour, depending on what is brought and what arises.

2) Verbal Channelling

In this kind of reading, I will ask you what your needs or issues are for the session, and we will speak about them. I will then go into a quiet and meditative space in myself, and invite Spirit to speak to you through me.

At this time currently the Spirit Beings who speak to you may be guides, Ascended Beings, Angelic Beings or Nature allies. It will depend partly on what you are bringing, and on your own spiritual company. I am at this time in training by Spirit and they are preferring to use different kinds of guidance, rather than limit this to one particular guide.

You will have the chance to ask questions if you want to. The session will be recorded and available to you afterwards as an MP3 recording which I will send you by computer. If you wish to record in your own way (for example on your phone), this would be fine.

The guides are not going to 'tell the future' but are always interested in helping you to find your own knowledge and power from within. They are always loving, supportive and positive.

These sessions will last between 30 minutes and about an hour (the channelling will probably be a maximum of about 30 minutes.

3) Spiritual Counselling

This is described on an earlier page. Spiritual energy is closely present throughout the session. How evident this is to you will depend on your own spiritual nature, the degree of your experience and openness, and your own path.

I work with a large team of very powerful and loving spiritual energies, and as we discuss your issues, I will receive guidance in various ways: through my body which can sense your physical, emotional and mental energies in some detail, through my inner sight and also through my sensitivity to your own voice.

If we do a couch healing as part of the session the energy is channelled directly from Spirit, and I will be reading your body intuitively throughout. While you are resting on the couch you may see or sense the spiritual energies or perhaps the Beings who are working with us, and / or you may go into a very deep state of relaxation.

The energies or Beings are always supportive and respectful of you on your soul path. They are very compassionate, and may quite likely help you to find ways to release yourself from stuck places, to express what needs to come out, and to find your own power in your life.

These sessions last 60 or 90 minutes by prior arrangement.

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