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Spiritual Counselling

What is 'spiritual counselling'?

A session of spiritual counselling, also known as a 'reading', can open up the client to deep possibilities of self-healing, using the wisdom, guidance and healing energies of spirit. Each session is unique to you as an individual and the guides and angels who work through me may offer energetic healing, advice on improving your health, help with problematic relationships, methods for clearing and balancing your energy, or you may be put in touch with the loving support of your own guides, angels and helpers.

These sessions can be one-off, or may be continued as a short series if desired. During the hour I will invite you to explain the issues which have brought you. I will discuss these with you, and 'read' your energy intuitively, in order to see into the situation more deeply so that you are enabled to discover what steps there are for you to take that may be helpful.

If desired, these sessions may be accompanied by an energy healing session, or a guided meditation, or visualisation, to help you discover answers, focus on your aims and goals, or simply to help you to relax.

If you feel depressed, stressed, have particular life problems of any type that you would like to address, if you would like to explore more of why you are here and what your life is about, or maybe would simply like to develop yourself further, then this kind of session can be life-affirming, stimulating, refreshing and supportive.

About Spiritual Counselling and Psychosynthesis Psychotherapy. dramatic light over Glast

Psychosynthesis Psychotherapy

I am a qualified and experienced psychosynthesis counsellor and psychotherapist (UKCP registered). I can offer sessions for you to talk over problems such as depression, stress, addictions, bereavement, relationships, sexual issues and life transitions. Sessions can take place on a regular weekly basis over a period of time negotiated with the client. However, I often work with clients for whom it is more convenient for various reasons to have their sessions at different intervals, for example twice a month, or every ten days etc.

My special interests include working with dreams and visualisations, all types of relationships, issues of sexuality and of spirituality, and self-development. I work clairvoyantly and clairsentiently, meaning that I am able to 'read' your energy intuitively and in various ways pick up information which can aid me in having a deep understanding of your issues.

Psychosynthesis is a way of seeing, in which the painful symptom or life problem is regarded as a sign to be followed, guiding us to what the soul and Higher Self would like us to hear, in order to bring our personality into alignment with our own right path. All the parts of the person are valued and included: the unconscious, the past history, the here and now, the dreams and visions, and the spiritual nature of the person whether or not it is spoken of overtly.

Sometimes also, someone may never have received good listening and appreciation of who they really are, and the forming of a relationship with the therapist over the course of treatment, can repair and heal deeply within, as the client feels loved and honoured, and truly heard and seen.

The therapeutic space is one of safety and confidentiality, where the truth can be spoken perhaps sometimes for the first time, and this alone can be very healing.

I work with an experienced supervisor and clients' anonymity is maintained. I adhere to the ethics and standards of the UKCP.

Phone Sessions

Where it is not possible or convenient to have sessions in person, I offer them by phone and Skype. Both spiritual counselling and psychotherapy sessions can be an hour long (£60 ) or half an hour (£30). You can arrange such sessions with me in advance and pre-pay them by Paypal or through online banking.

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