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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are spiritual guides?

    They are discarnate beings (not in the physical body) who can be contacted in the world of spirit to be of help and support to us if we wish. Sometimes they may be ancestors or loved ones who have passed over, but sometimes they are Beings of light who are from very high spiritual levels.

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  • What's 'energetic healing'?

    The world and ourselves consist of energy, which exists and vibrates at different frequencies. Energy healing works by bringing the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of the client into harmony with the vibratory rate that the 'healer' is resonating. This enables the body of the client to heal itself by reaching its optimal frequencies as appropriate.

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  • What's psychosynthesis?

    Psychosynthesis is a way of seeing, in which the painful symptom or life problem is regarded as a sign to be followed, guiding us to what the soul and Higher Self would like us to hear, in order to bring our personality into alignment with our own right path. All the parts of the person are valued and included: the unconscious, the past history, the here and now, the dreams and visions, and the spiritual nature of the person whether or not it is spoken of overtly.

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  • What is the difference between spiritual counselling and psychosynthesis psychotherapy?

    A spiritual counselling session is a way of looking at your life as it is now, connecting with your soul through the qualities of insight and loving support which can be accessed from the world of spirit. You might need only one of these sessions in order to discover ways forward.

    A psychosynthesis psychotherapy session provides a safe space within which you can examine and talk over any life problems you wish, on many different levels, including the spiritual if need be. These sessions are held regularly over a period of time, in order to heal issues gradually and to build up a relationship with the therapist as necessary, which can be healing in itself.

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  • What happens in an Energy Healing session?

    Sessions last an hour to an hour and a half, including a preliminary chat to find out what help is wanted. The client normally lies fully clothed on a healing couch, or may be seated. The healer will lightly lay hands in certain positions upon the body, though the healing can be done without touch if preferred. The client may feel some sensations of warmth, coolness or tingling, or possibly will feel nothing at all. It is quite normal for someone to fall asleep during the treatment as it is very relaxing, and this is fine.

    It is recommended that if you have not had energy healing before, you have three sessions quite close together, as there can be some symptoms of detoxing and emotional clearance at first, and the healing effects of this work are cumulative.

    I work intuitively and multi-dimensionally - that is, I 'bring through' energy and method from spirit for each individual healing session. I use a basis of Reiki, fluidly combined with various sound healing, shamanic and/or bodywork practices.

    The healing is very heart-centred, meaning that the spiritual energy feels deeply loving and supportive. In such an ambiance you can gradually let go defences and old armouring that no longer serve you, and your soul can begin to shine into your body and your life.

    Some comments after treatment: 'totally energised'; 'lighter'; 'very relaxed'; I feel so much better': 'it really works!'; 'Divine!'

    (Please see testimonials for further comments on the work)

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    How much do the treatments cost?

  • Treatment Fees

    Spiritual Counselling:

    1 hour

    1 1/2 hours


    1 hour


    1 hour

    1 1/2 hours

    Concessionary rates may be available

  • What are the frequencies of Divine Will?

    These are not well known as yet, but they are some of the most powerful energies in the universe. There are 7 qualities of Divine Will, which are radiated and transmitted by Beings of Light known as the 'Ray Lords' or 'Great Ones', or 'Custodians'. It is possible for us to connect with them and transform our lives, unfold our potential, expand our consciousness and come into alignment with the highest purpose of our soul and our life on earth.

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